"Hey, I’m Crash"

"You were at the police station earlier."

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Dear Jack;
se vince chi fugge allora ho perso perché resto immobile davanti all’a m o r e e quindi a te

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theinternetaccordingtoadrian:  Lord Ned Stark, the passive-aggressive.  Hahahah fuck yes.

Ned Stark sends his regards.

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prince francis: 2/?

francis being incredibly happy about seeing his beautiful wife

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"I was born. I lived. I am guilty of being a dwarf, I confess it. And no matter how many times my good father forgave me, I have persisted in my infamy."

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"One of the first houses we lived in was like out of a fairy story. We had a stream that ran through our garden, and we played with the ducks - we locked them in my mum’s office and they pooed everywhere. It was crazy, picking blackberries and mushrooms, rabbits running through your legs." — Emilia Clarke for Flare Magazine (2014)

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Enemies Unite Sizzle (x)

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